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Option 1
This is how the logo looks as you sent it to me.

Option 2
Your logo with the background around the circle removed. Notice the black outline is looking ugly. Also, the gradient background colour of the circle is clashing. The colours that are used are not really friendly with other colours. You need to know that the logo will be used on a lot of other backgrounds (outside the website) if you want to stick with it.

Option 3
Your logo without the black outline. Looks a bit better, but I'm not a fan of the cyan blue background colour on top of a section with a gradient background.

Option 4
Here I changed the gradient background of the section to a softer cyan solid background which works better with the cyan colour of your logo.

What I don't like in your logo is the white text. It is too small and hard to read on the cyan colour, especially when the logo would have to be shown in a very small area.

Option 5
What if we use the current logo, which has a better readable text, and change the hand with the butterfly for your's?

This way the logo is still readable in smaller sizes and there is more contrast in the text and the background.

Maybe we could change the colours that are used in the website as well? Have a softer pallette based on the current one.

Corry Lane
Kilkee, County Clare
Ireland V15 FK03
Phone: +353 65 9060762

charity number 18691

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Corry Lane
Kilkee, County Clare
Ireland V15 FK03

charity number 18691

Privacy Policy & Data Protection

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